Integrating Lunr with Other Systems

Previous articles have focused on the power and benefits of using Lunr to manage your engineering documentation. However, unlocking the real power associated with your engineering content comes from integrations with other enterprise systems, allowing your organisation to leverage more of your content and expose documents to a broader audience.

Let's delve into a couple of examples to better understand this. For instance, you can use the asset hierarchy from popular asset management systems like Maximo or Ellipse to structure your engineering content in the Lunr repository in a similar manner. This integration enables you to place a QR code at the asset location, providing a direct link to the relevant documentation in Lunr.

Secondly, Esri layers exposed in the Lunr map view can show the physical location of assets. You can retrieve all drawings within a given radius of the asset location using your mobile device.

The following connectors are available today:

  • CAD (including AutoCAD and MicroStation)

  • Esri

  • Ellipse

  • Maximo

  • Archibus

  • MazeMap

  • SISfm

Rest assured, Lunr not only offers a range of connectors off the shelf, but also provides a comprehensive API documentation. This ensures that integrating Lunr with your enterprise systems is a seamless part of your solution.

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