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Missing AutoCAD XRefs?

Do you receive drawing packages with missing External References (Xrefs)? While DWG is the proprietary native file format for AutoCAD, DWG...


Engineering Document Management for Universities

Lunr and Meridian offer Engineering Document Management (EDM) for universities, ensuring efficient project management, document accessibility, and enterprise system integration.


A better way to find your engineering content

Lunr uses search, browse, and push methods for effective engineering content retrieval, catering to all user needs.


Lunr in 5 Minutes

Lunr: an intuitive engineering content management system with tagging, batch uploads, geospatial search, project management, and secure sharing features.


Working with References in MicroStation

MicroStation's reference files aid CAD data management and simultaneous work on separate models, with levels for easier model management.


Construction Document Communication

The article discusses Lunr's Drawing Management Systems, focusing on communication methods during the project and asset/maintenance phases.

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