Managing BIM Models with Lunr

The BIM space is moving quickly as many enterprise sites seek to incorporate models and IFCs into their working process. Existing systems often competently manage 2D engineering documentation, but you need somewhere to store the growing number of models as your organisation receives them.

There are many features of the Cloud platform that assist with BIM:

  • Scalable (unlimited) storage.

  • Streaming of extensive model data for viewing.

  • External upload by design teams.

  • Accessibility from different locations.

  • Low latency (high performance) based on configurable geographic hosting location.

  • Leveraging the cyber security associated with the hosting platform, such as Azure or AWS.

  • Managed services such as backup and recovery.

With the seamless integration capabilities to view and markup point cloud, Navisworks, Revit, and other BIM document formats, Lunr is not just a standalone solution, but a perfect accompaniment to your existing on-premise system. This ensures that your current setup is not disrupted, but enhanced with the power of Lunr.

While many sites use Lunr as the entire solution for 2D and BIM, we also use connectors to integrate with other systems and supplement existing functionality with Lunr BIM.

Ready to take the next step? The best way to experience the power of Lunr is to set up a trial and upload some models. Our dedicated team is eagerly waiting to work with you, guide you through the process, and ensure Lunr is a perfect fit for your organisation. Start the discussion today and let's embark on this BIM management journey together.

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