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As-constructed drawing project completion with Lunr

This article describes how the efficiently manage As-Built project completion within the Lunr CDE.


Why move your CAD drawings to the cloud?

It's not ideal when your entire Engineering Drawing Management System (EDMS) is really just one person. Easily improve that situation by moving your engineering documentation to the Lunr cloud.


Sharing documents with Lunr

Sharing documents with Lunr | Lunr Engineering Content Management


Understanding Transmittals

Document Transmittals are a formal process used by Engineering and Construction companies to send controlled documents or drawings to external companies, contractors, or vendor


What is a Drawing Management System?

A Drawing Management System (DMS) organizes and tracks engineering drawings, enabling efficient collaboration through version control and access restrictions.


So - why use attributes?

Attributes in AutoCAD play a vital role in strengthening the integrity and value of an Engineering Document Management System, enhancing data capture and analysis.

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