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Updates from the Lunr team, and analysis and guides on Engineering Content Management & BIM.


Construction Document Communication

A look at communication methods used during the project and maintenance phases of an asset, and how Lunr allows you to tame this process and get your communications back under control.


CAD Drawing Redlines

Lunr enables CAD redline markups in the web browser for drawing corrections during project revisions and maintenance.


Understanding Controlled Documents

Lunr provides a way to manage controlled documents through the complete document lifecycle, while still allowing you the option of uploading uncontrolled documents as required.


Understanding Document Workflow

Lunr's document workflow allows controlled collaboration between all members of the project team, including staff, vendors, sub-contractors, and more.


Drawing Revision Numbering

The article discusses best practices for managing engineering drawing revisions, highlighting the importance of clear and accurate revision numbering.


Engineering Drawing OCR

Lunr uses OCR technology to index text within image files, enhancing searchability in engineering data and drawing systems, overcoming the limitations of inadequate metadata and large file sizes.

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